Effective Software Solutions

Connect with your customers on all their screens with integrated systems.


Connect With Customers

Customers are using many different types of devices and services to access your information.  People are impatient and a positive experience is paramount when they interact with your business.

Applications and responsive web sites can provide a great experience to users, when designed well.

A good digital experience creates loyal customers.

Increase Efficiency

Integrate your internal systems to improve your business processes.  Data can be shared when an event occurs in a system or periodically.

Many APIs exist that make it straight forward to share data with external systems.  Salesforce, Google and many others provide APIs that enable data sharing. 

Seamless integration of systems can save money and time.

Take Control

Administration capabilities can let you control what your customers see on their screens and the messaging they receive via email and other services

Analytics can help you figure out the effectiveness of the services you provide to your customers.

With planning based on data, your success is not left to chance.

Protect Your Data

An increase in hacking has made security more important than ever.  Software developers must have a good understanding of how software systems are attacked, so they can prevent common vulnerabilties.  Software upgrades, regular testing and maintenance are important to reduce the risk of being hacked. 

Disaster recovery plans can help you recover data and reduce interruption to service when a disaster occurs.  Everyone knows regular back ups are a must.  Redundancy can be built into hosting infrastructure to reduce outages and data losses when disaster strikes.

Get Noticed

An easy to use web site or app that has quality content, will stand out and get you noticed.

Google and other search engines will rank the site higher if it has relevant quality content that loads quickly and is structured in a way that is easy to navigate.

Customers are more likely to share content if it is the site is attractive and easy to use.

Digital marketing techniques such as Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization and online advertising are key components of most marketing plans.

Optimize Online Presence

Analytics software enables you figure out what is working and what is not.  Through experimentation you can improve your systems over time.  The key is to have clear goals and key performance indicators that measure your goals.

Analytics software relies on tracking code that you embed in your display code. Events are tracked and can be analyzed and often automatically compared to your goals.  Systems frequently have tracking code for multiple functions, such as analytics software, email marketing campaigns, etc.

Using analytics to achieve your goals, guarantees your software investment will work better over time.