Online marketing is increasingly becoming more of a science and less of an art.  This makes your marketing results more predictable and cost-effective.  The numerous free analytics tools that provide information on all aspects of what customers are doing online have created this change.   Once you start, all changes can be measured and compared to where you were at previously.  You therefore optimize by keeping the changes that improved your user conversion. We employ the following online marketing approaches:

Evergreen Marketing

Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Optimization represent marketing strategies that we have termed Evergreen. We call these approaches Evergreen, because they continue to deliver results and grow even if your level of effort has been reduced. Content that you create for search engine optimization will continue to rise in ranking as your web site grows in importance. Communities that you create for your products, can also continue to grow through the efforts of your customers. Both strategies require your hard work to grow to success and that success is not immediate.  That work will pay dividends and gives you an advantage over those who are not putting a concerted effort to do the same. Evergreen marketing is the most cost effective strategy to gain new users.