Social media, such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, enable you to have a deeper relationship with your customers. As social media users interact with your business, their friends can learn about your business through social media interactions.

There is a large variety of social media and they vary in how much they benefit different businesses.  Some services, such as Facebook and Myspace enable business to create pages, where they can connect with their customers.  These pages are a great place to build a community around your business.  So, at the simplest level Social Media Optimization is about taking advantage of the services that social networks offer businesses.

Perhaps, the more important aspect of social media optimization, is to enable your content to travel.  Enable your visitors to share content, use it on their blogs or make your content easily linkable.

The variety of successful services is large, so you must carefully decide where to place your resources.  It is better to have a few active places where customers can interact with you than many inactive places.

Webtilling can help you determine which social media is appropriate for your business and how to maximize efforts to get best results.