Making decisions based on quality data takes the guesswork out of decision making.  Each new decision is easy because the data will provide answers.  Decisions are bulit on knowledge gained after the a previous decision was made, so your business is continually improving.

The most important data you can use to drive decisions is the data that you collect from your business.  We focus on collecting this data for your digital assets and then we use a systematic process to improve your business.

Systematic Approach

We use a Systematic Approach to iteratively improve your digital systems, based on data collected.  The steps in our approach are as follows:

  • Collect Data
  • Analyze Data
  • Develop Hypothesis
  • Design Tests
  • Implement Changes

Changes are kept or discarded based on the data collected and the subsequent analysis of that data.

Other Data

You can quickly find research reports from reputable research firms, such as Pew Internet Research, on most topics relevant to your.  Reports from these firms are very helpful in understanding general consumer behavior and market trends.

Online tools provide information on every aspect of your business and services, in addition to providing information on your competitors. 

When you look at the information from many of these tools in combination, you can get a complete picture of how effective the user experience you offer is. In areas where research reports and online tools do not provide the answers, you can gain the information that you need from user testing.