Webtilling uses an iterative approach to software development.  We have experience with a large variety of technologies and we have a large number of cost effective ways to deliver high quality software quickly. Our goal is to provide quality technology solutions that scale cost effectively and meet or exceed business requirements.

Web Technology

Webtilling specializes in building web sites using open source technologies.  We gain significant cost savings by using the same basic software used to build most of the largest web sites on the Internet.  All the open source software we use also provides great quality, as it is widely used and has therefore had a lot of usage that helps whet out bugs.

Web Applications

We gain further cost savings, by customizing open source applications.  These applications may provide the majority of the functionality that your business requires.  It goes well beyond having a web server and an operating system.  This approach results in tremendous cost savings and helps get your services launched must faster than if everything had to be built from scratch. For example, if you need an ecommerce web site, we can build it using the Magento ecommerce platform.  All the basic ecommerce functionality is already in place.  We customize Magento to suit your needs.  At that point, all we need to focus on are operational issues and issues unique to ecommerce, such as:

  • Getting an SSL certificate
  • Payment processing

Web Mash-ups

At times we also mash functionality from other sites into your site.  There are a large number of programmable APIs for various services on the Internet.  For instance, Google maps provide an API, so that we can create custom mapping applications and embed them in your site.  Once again, your business saves on cost and gets a reliable solution that is faster to market than it would have been, if everything had to be built from scratch.

Mobile Technology

Webtilling specializes in creating apps for the iPhone and Android based phones. Both Android and the iPhone have good ways of distributing apps. They are also the platforms of choice for consumers. The large choice of apps, that utilize location-based services, a camera and the mobile web on the iPhone and Android, has changed behaviors of consumers who use these phones. Consumers are finding businesses and doing research on a large number of topics. The iPhone already has a tremendous amount of popularity and Android based phones are quickly gaining popularity most carriers now offer Android based phones. The change consumer behavior may represent a tremendous opportunity for your business to separate itself from its competitors.