Connect with your customers on all their screens with integrated systems.


Webtilling can build your web site quickly and cost effectively.  We gain speed to market and cost savings by using open source software, existing web applications and programmable functionality offered by other web sites (i.e. with mash-ups).

Open Source Software

We will use free software that is used to build some of the largest sites on the net.  Because the open source software we use is widely used, you can depend on it.

Web Applications

We gain further cost savings, by customizing open source applications.  These applications may provide the majority of the functionality that your business requires.  It goes well beyond having a web server and an operating system.  This approach results in tremendous cost savings and helps get your services launched must faster than if everything had to be built from scratch. For example, if you need an ecommerce web site, we can build it using the Magento ecommerce platform.  All the basic ecommerce functionality is already in place.  We customize Magento to suit your needs.  At that point, all we need to focus on are operational issues and issues unique to ecommerce, such as:
  • Getting an SSL certificate
  • Payment processing

Web Mash-ups

At times we also mash functionality from other sites into your site.  There are a large number of programmable APIs for various services on the Internet.  For instance, Google maps provide an API, so that we can create custom mapping applications and embed them in your site.  Once again, your business saves on cost and gets a reliable solution that is faster to market than it would have been, if everything had to be built from scratch. Webtilling designs and builds easy to use web sites that have good tracking and reporting.   We can Every successful web site has the following attributes:
  • Clear Goals
  • Fresh and unique content that reinforces the goals of the site.
  • Branding and design reflecting your business.
  • Ease of use for visitors.
  • Accessibility by different user groups via web or phone.
  • Tracking and reporting.

Clear Web Site Goals

When people visit your web site, you must have clear goals for what you want them to do on your web site. Depending on the goals of your web site, you may want users to make a purchase, contact you or spend time on your site. Once you have determined the goals for your site you can work to improve how many of your visitors are following through on your goals.

Branding and Design

A great website has a simple professional design that reflects the colors and feeling of your brand. The design must not interfere with how easy the website is to use. A key element of any design is a consistent presentation on every page. The only page that can differ in the design is the home page. Your domain name, email addresses and your voice when writing content are important aspects of your brand and require as much care as the graphical design of your web site.

Fresh and Unique Content

People visit your site, because of the content on your site. Search engines index your content, which provides matches to peoples search terms. Therefore, the importance of content cannot be overstated. Periodically creating new content for your site, will help you gain more visitors as you have matches to a larger number of search terms. Therefore, the time you invest in creating new content provides a lasting return on investment.

Ease of Use

Consistency of design and presentation that meet users expectations are key to ease of use. Consistent navigation and clear indications of which things can be clicked are also crucial to ease of use.


According to the 2000 U.S. Census, 19% of people in the United States that are older than 5 suffer from a disability. The percentage of the population that suffers from disabilities rises significantly as people get older. Obviously, there is good reason to enable everyone in the market place to use your product or services. Therefore, it is important that your web site be usable by people who have disabilities.

Tracking and Reporting

Without tracking and reporting you are blind to all the activities that users perform on your site and you are blind to how you get visitors. If you cannot assess how your site is doing, it is impossible to improve the performance of your site. Therefore, tracking and reporting is essential to a successful website. There are numerous free tools that can be used in conjunction with your web site, to find everything users do on your site and what caused users to come to your site. Therefore, tracking and reporting is not costly.