We will help you create an online strategy that meets your business goals and improves your business.   We will go through a process where we:
  • Learn about your business
  • Research your competitors
  • Define goals
  • Create a strategic plan
Your strategic plan will describe how  you get visitors to your web site and what your visitors will do once they are on your site.  Your strategic plan will have actionable and measureable goals that will help us determine how we are progressing over time.

Strategic Plan

An effective strategic plan addresses all aspects of your online business.  It takes into account cost, resources and unique aspects of your business.  Webtilling will develop unique and creative solutions for your business. Your strategic plan will have actionable and measureable goals and it will provide a roadmap to reach those goals.  Your strategic plan will cover:
  • What online services you are offering
  • What resources are needed to provide those services
  • Who is responsible for each aspect of what is needed
  • How you will get visitors
  • How you will convert visitors to users
  • A timeline to meet goals


Your goals will reflect your mission and your vision for your business.  Your goals must be measureable and actionable.

Measurable Goals

Measureable goals will enable you to see how you are progressing.  In order to measure you must have tracking and reporting capabilities for all your online activities. Fortunately, there are excellent tools available for tracking and reporting.  These tools can give you information on:
  • All activities of your online properties
  • All aspects of search relevant to your business
  • What your competitors are doing online

Actionable Goals

We will build administrative tools so you can appropriate action to meet your goals.  Analytics will enable you to see where improvement is needed to meet your goals, you will then use administrative tools to make adjustments.  This ongoing optimization is what will make your online business successful in time.